Testosterone propionate USP 100mg(5x1ml amp)


Testosterone propionate USP 100mg(5x1ml amp)

Manufacturer: Cooper Pharma
Basic substance : Testosterone
Package : 100mg / ml (5x1ml amp)
Category : Injectable

Testosterone is one of the most significant hormones produced naturally in the human body and it has plenty of effects in the body.



Testosterone propionate USP 100mg

Testosterone propionate has a specific androgenic effect: it stimulates the development and function of the external genitalia, prostate, seminal vesicles, and the secondary sexual characteristics in men (voice, hair). It participates in the formation of the body constitution and sexual behavior in men, stimulates the libido and potency, and stimulates spermatogenesis. It reduces the production of luteotrophic and follicle-stimulating hormone.

Testosterone is an antagonist of female sex hormone – estrogen, has an antitumor effect in breast tumors in women. It has anabolic effects, resulting in a stimulation of protein synthesis, decreasing fat deposition, keeping necessary things for the synthesis of protein, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, enhancing fixation of calcium in the bones and increasing muscle mass. With sufficient protein diet it stimulates the production of erythropoietin.

After testosterone propionate injection it is slowly absorbed from the injection site. Circulating testosterone gets into the target organs where it is restored to 5-α- dehydrate testosterone, which interacts with the receptors of the cell membrane and penetrates the cell nucleus. Up to 98% of the drug in the blood binds to plasma proteins, mainly globulins. It is metabolized in the liver to inactive metabolites that are excreted in the urine. Approximately 6% of the drug is excreted unchanged in the intestinal condition.
Propionate testosterone is one of the types of testosterone esters. This drug is an anabolic steroid and is also one of the most popular in bodybuilding. Its purpose is to increase muscle mass and strength.

Gene transcription is initiated, whereby the nitrogen balance in the body is changed in a positive way. The levels of insulin-like growth muscles factor increases in the liver and muscles. Propionate also causes proliferation of satellites in the muscles, due to which there is a muscle restoration and hyperplasia. By the way, all the esters have the same mechanism of action; the main difference is in the focus of their activities and actions.

Dosage :

In order to achieve the best outcome from this anabolic supplement, it is very important to follow exact dosage. As far as testosterone Propionate is concerned, the effective dosage would vary for both men and women however, this fast acting ester can be taken every two – tree days and the dosage would vary from 100-300mg. Initially one should start with lower dosage and increase the same gradually.

Side effects :

Propionate is easily aromatized and turns into estrogen, therefore it can occur:

Gyncomastia (you need to be careful not to have female boobs, take tamox 20 to 40 mg per day).
Acne (acne).
Hair loss (or active growth on the body) also depends on the individual characteristics of the organism of a particular person.
Lowering the production of your own testosterone, but it is usually restored at the end of the prima drug (at the end of the course) in 2-3 months.


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