Rock hard 850 mg*100% natural supplement


Rock hard 850 mg*100% natural supplement

Manufacturer: Cipla Ltd
Basic substance : Tadalafil and glibenclamide
Package : 10caps bottle
Category : SEX PILLS

Rock hard is a  Male Enhancement Libido(100% natural supplement) for Hard and fast erection .



Rock hard 850 mg


Rock Hard Weekend is a 100% natural supplement, scientifically proven for its effectiveness in rapidly increasing male sexual ability, aimed at treating impotence and improving the quality of sexual life.
With a unique combination of herbs that channels blood flow to the sexual organ.

RockHard  is a single-use male enhancement pill that is designed to show results in under half an hour. Their advertising promises that users will be able to enhance their sexual satisfaction and the satisfaction levels of their partner.

While the company is somewhat ambiguous about the specific results that users can expect, they heavily imply that it is an erectile aid that can increase penis size and sensitivity. They claim that a single pill can be effective for up to 72 hours, or essentially the length of a weekend.

The male enhancement product that has established the best reputation for honesty and effectiveness is Viritenz. It is a pro-circulatory supplement that also has been shown to help improve men’s testosterone production and processing abilities.

The instructions for RockHard Weekend say to take it half an hour before sex and claim that it will then be effective for up to 72 hours. Given the ingredient that are listed in their nutrition information, this seems like an unlikely claim.

It is also an inefficient, more expensive, and generally less effective way of improving male sexual health than regular daily supplementation. The chemicals in single use pills are unlikely to remain bioavailable for as long as they tend to claim, and often they cannot be taken in back-to-back days. This method also compromises spontaneity and raises the chances of experiencing side effects due to the extreme and irregular dosage patterns that are associated with single-use products.

The proprietary mix that they mention on the back works by increasing users’ blood flow in general and to the genital region in particular. Increased blood flow allows for greater ease of achieving an erection and is crucial for being able to maintain it throughout intercourse.

It’s the spongy tissues of the penile shaft filling to capacity with blood that causes the penis to become taut, and the more blood that is passing through the body, the greater the chance of achieving maximum possible rigidity. While male enhancement supplements that claim to be able to increase base penis size are lying to consumers, it is possible to alter erectile size by allowing as much blood into the shaft as possible.


Dosage : 

Take 1 capsule 30 minutes before sexual activity;
Do not mix alcoholic beverages;
Never take a full stomach;
(Do not exceed recommended serving).


Sexual enhancement in 30 minutes;
Harder erections;
Bigger erections;
More staying power;
Better sex.


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