About us

We are a legal company, specializing in the marketing (wholesale and retail) of Steroids and Anabolic products.

Our agencies and delivery partners around the world :

Country : Usa
Adress: 650 Stanford Ave, Los Angeles, California.
Function: General Management

Country : Ukraine
Adress: 44 Shota Rustaveli St, Kiev, Kyiv city .
Function: Warehouse

Country : France
Adress: 18 Rue du Prieuré, Cergy, Île-de-France.
Function: Warehouse

Country : Chile
Adress: 650 Matta Ote, Nunoa, Metropolitan Region of Santiago.
Function: Warehouse

New :
Country : Italy
Adress: Corso Giacomo Matteotti, 4410121 Torino.
Function: Warehouse

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